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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
225052221107 07-Nov-2022 12-Nov-2022 India / TAMIL NADU annual comprehensive maintenance of conferencing units, vrf ac system, fire alarm panel, ups equipm tenders
146052221014 14-Oct-2022 17-Oct-2022 India / TAMIL NADU c/o 100 bedded hospital for esic at tuticorin (sh: providing manpower services for chief architect, corrigendum
1027052221003 03-Oct-2022 10-Oct-2022 India / TAMIL NADU furnishing of administrative offices tenders
1358052220912 13-Sep-2022 14-Sep-2022 India / TAMIL NADU providing split ac and aluminium ladder laying cable corrigendum
220052220614 14-Jun-2022 18-Jun-2022 India / TAMIL NADU providing electrical safety mat & gloves, repairs to intercom system. tenders
217052220614 14-Jun-2022 18-Jun-2022 India / TAMIL NADU replacement of 2 nos faulty / defective split type ac units 5/15 amps plug points led fittings tenders
2899017220317 17-Mar-2022 17-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu a r and m o to residential buildings at barracca road income tax quarters chennai during tenders
2899817220317 17-Mar-2022 17-Mar-2022 India / Tamil Nadu special repairs to residenrial buildings at cr colony anna nagar chennnai 40 during 2021 2022 sh r tenders
3548816220314 14-Mar-2022 16-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu renovation works of covering the open to sky portion with roofing sheetsand providing and laying p tenders
3895716220310 10-Mar-2022 15-Mar-2022 India / tamil nadu annual repair and maintenance of office, coimbatore. s.h: providing security services to the o/o e tenders
3895816220310 10-Mar-2022 15-Mar-2022 India / tamil nadu providing transport facilities for inspection of works under the jurisdiction tenders
3262716220308 08-Mar-2022 14-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu providing of lift facility in head quarters building of sub commissionerate central excise tenders
3951916220310 10-Mar-2022 14-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu annual repairs and maintenance of non residential buildings for rmc campus at college road chennai tenders
3282916220309 09-Mar-2022 13-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu internal and external painting of income tax building at vellore during tenders
3106216220305 05-Mar-2022 11-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu rewiring of boys hostel and replacing the fittings of park lights and street lights tenders
3106416220305 05-Mar-2022 11-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu rewiring of office building i/c testing lab and guest house tenders
3107016220305 05-Mar-2022 11-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu dismantling the 15 k wp solar power plant, providing addition point wiring in common toilets, repl tenders
3480016220304 04-Mar-2022 09-Mar-2022 India / TAMIL NADU annual repair and maintenance of nirman bhavan building tenders
3429216220302 02-Mar-2022 09-Mar-2022 India / Tamil Nadu c/o holiday home for central govt. employees at rameswaram, sh: providing making and placing in po corrigendum
3491116220304 04-Mar-2022 08-Mar-2022 India / Tamil nadu mr to external services and name boards for buildings tenders
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