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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
861052221126 26-Nov-2022 16-Dec-2022 sale of npa accounts to arcs / nbfcs / fis / other banks tenders
59717221125 25-Nov-2022 14-Dec-2022 for premises in p.h. road-chennai tenders
59617221125 25-Nov-2022 14-Dec-2022 premises in annanagar tenders
59517221125 25-Nov-2022 14-Dec-2022 premises in periamet tenders
104917221103 03-Nov-2022 14-Dec-2022 providing internet connectivity with ddos services tenders
971052221126 26-Nov-2022 07-Dec-2022 proposal-safe deposit lockers liability policy tenders
544616221124 24-Nov-2022 07-Dec-2022 tender notice- premises in panagal park tenders
734016221119 19-Nov-2022 07-Dec-2022 for hiring of cash vans along with driver for currency administrative cell branches corrigendum
392017221123 23-Nov-2022 06-Dec-2022 leasing of office premises tenders
1574216221116 16-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 for new premises tenders
1574116221116 16-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 for new premises tenders
542516221124 24-Nov-2022 05-Dec-2022 inviting offers for hiring of cash van along with driver tenders
946052221123 23-Nov-2022 01-Dec-2022 quotation towards integrated facility management contract for housekeeping, plumbing and carpentry tenders
1159516221108 08-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 leasing of office premises tenders
226052221123 23-Nov-2022 28-Nov-2022 for point of interest and affluence data tenders